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Kevin Hart is a Riot in Think Like A Man

The movie Think Like A Man, based on the book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by comedian, radio personality, and Family Feud host Steve Harvey was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. Comedian Kevin Hart, made the movie the knock-down, drag-out laugh fest that it was along with his fellow cast of all stars. I laughed so hard with the rest of the audience that the follow up dialogue was hard to hear, but that didn’t take away from the film. The movie was well paced, easy to follow, and well worth every penny spent.

Much to the shagrin of all film industry, I plan on going to see this movie again in theaters and then I plan to  hit up the bootleg man until it comes out on DVD and BluRay. Yeah, I should probably be prosecuted for copyright infringement for just saying that, but hey I plan on dropping the $20-$30 bucks for the widescreen version that’ll fit my TV screen. Not to mention I’ll have seen it in the movies twice. Both times I’ll be going with someone; that’s at least $60-$70 of my hard earned money. So yeah, I think that’s fair (It’s a joke, lol).

But seriously the movie was that good. It wasn’t just that Kevin Hart was so funny or that Megan Good looked so awesomely sexy in every dress she wore, but the movie was as good as movies get. The movie never really slowed down to make you wish another good part was coming; the entire movie was a good part. The way the relationships played out were hilarious, but they were also heartfelt, and easily relatable to real life circumstances. With Kevin Hart’s humor, this movie would have played out well with any cast. I also have to give it up to Terrence J, who did a great job in his first true on screen movie role. He’s been featured in other movies, but mostly as a host or DJ, much like on his show BET’s 106 and Park.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh, some wholesome, witty, funny, and even some sexy entertainment, then Think Like A Man is the movie you want to see.

I’m almost tempted to buy the book, which is probably good since the movie was a smash hit as far as I’m concerned. Not to mention, Think Like A Man moved The Hunger Games out of the #1 position on the box office after the adaptation from Suzanne Collins’ book of the same title held the spot for four consecutive weeks, raking in $33M in its first week according to Yahoo Movies box office.

What are you waiting for? Go and see Think Like A Man.  Pick up the book too. I’m sure Steve Harvey will thank you.


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Warrior: Makes Family Reconciliation Seem Like A No Brainer

Warrior is a movie that I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it already. Nick Nolte has been nominated for an Academy Award for Actor in a Supporting Role, and for good reason. He portrays Paddy Conlin, a recovering drunk estranged from his sons Brendan (Joel Edgerton) and Tommy (Tom Hardy), who have no qualms about expressing their disappointment and disdain for him. Paddy’s actions as a father caused a rift between his entire family. As an older man, Paddy seeks forgiveness and hopes to bring his family back together, but neither brother is keen on letting him back into their lives. But what’s worse is, Paddy’s actions caused a rift between the brothers. Usually when a parent is as big a screw up as Paddy was, children tend to band together and hold each other up. Brotherhood becomes big and protection is paramount on both ends. However, in Warrior, decisions are made that separate Tommy and Brendan for the better in many respects. Tommy becomes a fearless Marine who protects his brothers in arms. While Brendan becomes the family man who his father should have been. I don’t want to give too much of the movie away but I’ll say that Tom Hardy delivers one of the most gut wrenching performances that I’ve ever seen. Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte do well in playing off this unrelenting passionate anger and pain that set me on the verge of tears more than once.

Watching this movie got me to thinking about my own family and the relationship between families in general. I have 3 siblings, a brother and two sisters. As kids we’ve fought and argued, and as adults we’ve fought and argued. Yet, we’ve always seemed to come back full circle to the love and compassion that most families share. The four of us lost both of our parents before we were adults, so in some respects, minus aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, we’re all we’ve got. But I do remember something my brother said a year or so after my mother died. “You don’t need family, but it helps to have.” I digested those words well at the moment he said it, and my opinion was that it was true. Anyone could go through life without their biological family and make it out alright. They could build their own family, wealth, and happiness. All of us have many friends who have no blood relation to us, but are held as close to us as our favorite family members. This is true because family can be so callous and mean sometimes. Their expectations of you are sometimes so steep and unrealistic that you can come to resent them. Often they do it out of love, with the greatest of intentions, but usually fail in the approach. That is because like you and I, they are human, self-centered and have their own issues they’re contending with. Their ridiculously unbelievable actions are a byproduct of their imperfections.

So my counsel to anyone with estranged family members is to take a shot at forgiveness. I know that there are sometimes those instances when the offenses are so egregious that all you can do reconcile within yourself. Putting your own sanity and happiness ahead of all others is most important. However, like my brother said, family helps to have. Often times regardless of the past, misdeeds, and bad blood, family’s the first to pop up at the hospital. They’ll open their bank account to help you make it through a bad time. Or simply be a shoulder to lean on. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and if your heart can find any glimmer of hope, let it be the lead to your actions. You may find reconciliation to be the weight that makes the heart less heavy in the long run.

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“Aside From Cartoons, Movies In 3D Suck”

Earlier today I read an article on entitled “Too Many Men in Tights? 5 Reasons the Superhero Summer Has Been a Bust” by Daniel Frankel.  In the article, there’s a heading about how 3D is dragging the genre of superhero films down. While reading the section on 3D I totally agreed, but not just for superhero movies. My first and last 3D experience that featured real people was Resident Evil: Afterlife starring Milla Jovovich. I have been a fan of the Resident Evil brand since it’s release on the original Sony Playstation console, though I was never particularly good at the games because of the control setup. I absolutely loved the first three movies. But low and behold, looking at this fourth installment, which featured enough action to satisfy all of my testosterone fueled passion for ass-kicking, I thought it sucked because of the 3D.

The rolling credits with 3D was cool and even the opening scene with all the umbrellas. But once Milla entered into screen kicking, stabbing, and shooting Umbrella Corporation security men, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I could barely see what was actually happening to them. There just seemed like there was too much going on and I couldn’t actually focus on her beating the crap out of everyone, which is why we all go to see Resident Evil. So not only was the 3D hard on the eyes, it just didn’t make sense to me how it was done. I thought the idea of it was to make you feel like the characters are right there in front of you and somehow you feel like you’re apart of the movie. I never got that feeling.

Moviemakers  have to understand why we as fans go to see full length motion pictures of our favorite video game characters and comic book superheroes played by real people. That one and only reason for me is to see them be brought to life. People like Joe Madureira (my favorite comic book artist), Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Jerry Siegel already gave us our heroes in comic book glory with fabulous colors and creative innovations throughout the years. We’ve seen more than enough cartoon versions over the years as well. Fans want to see their heroes exist in the world we live in as we imagined them to. We want to see them in New York, L.A., Detroit, Washington D.C. because we live and breathe there everyday. We dreamed as kids every night that we lived and breathed in Gotham City, Metroplis, Atlantis and high up on Asgard. Don’t take that away from us by making them seem just as fictional as they already are.

So in closing I say, leave the 3D to Lightning McQueen and all of his animated counterparts. Because aside from cartoons, movies in 3D suck.


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